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"Giusi" is the first piece of the "GLOWING" Collection, dedicated to alive women that are creating in any way

something important and inspiring for the world.

This hibrid between a necklace and a collar is dedicated to Giusi Nicolini (1961, Italy), italian activist and politician,

Mayor of Lampedusa from 2012 to 2017.

She did a strong campaign of notification to the EU about the migratory emergency and she accepted as many immigrants as she could, performing an embracing policy towards all the human beings that could arrive on Lampedusa's coasts.

Her strength, power and determination could help many people in serious difficulties: she is an amazing example of what a single person can be and give to the world.

The wearer of "Giusi" can feel power and determination, energy and inspiration, and at the same time he/she can tell the story to others and so spread the light of this "splendente" ("glowing" - translation from italian ) women.

Giusi sdraiata.jpg

Necklace-Collar // 9000 meters of Thread, Red Gold gilded Silver // 2021

Giusi- dettaglio bottonw.jpg

detail: nail-button 

Giusi dettaglio unghia.jpg

"Giusi" is woven with organic threads thorugh a sawing-machine with an original technique,

which lead to a soft and resistant textile


Ph credits: Michelle Davis

Giusi dettagli manii.jpg

my grandmother Eliana wearing "Giusi"

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